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The 40th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for the Study of Obesity (JASSO 40) /
The 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Treatment of Obesity (JSTO 37)

The 40th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for the Study of Obesity (JASSO 40) /
The 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Treatment of Obesity (JSTO 37)

The Integrative Strategies for Obesity Disease to Achieve Healthy Long-Living
Society; Bridges Over Obesity Between Physicians and Surgeonss
November 2nd (Sat) -3rd (Sun), 2019
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan (3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Kotaro Yokote
Professor and Chair, Clinical Cell Biology and Medicine, Chiba University
Yoshinori Hosoya
Professor and Chair,Division of surgery, Jichi Medical University


In 1977 the first-term comprehensive obesity research group sponsored by Ministry of Education (currently Ministry of Education, Science & Culture) was organized. During the second-term, a society for scientific research on obesity was instituted for aiming at exchanging the research information and enlightening the problems related to obesity and its solution in 1980 , when the first scientific meeting was held. In compliance with the request of holding the International Congress on Obesity in Japan, the society became a formal scientific organization and thus Japan Society for the Study of Obesity (referred to JASSO) was established in 1984. JASSO held the 6th International Congress on Obesity in Kobe in 1990, which resulted in a great success by collecting 1000 attendants (550 from foreign countries). Subsequently, JASSO has steadily grown to have over 2800 members and to hold the 32nd scientific meeting in 2011. It has shifted from a voluntary association to a general corporation in May, 2012. "Proceedings of the society for scientific meeting" had been published since the first scientific meeting of the society for scientific research on obesity until 1995 , when it was replaced by the official academic journal of JASSO "Obesity Research". The journal is now published 3 times a year to promote academic exchanges related to obesity.
The members of JASSO consist of the medical researcher, general practitioner, allied health care professional including nurse, public health nurse, registered dietitian, clinical laboratory technician, pharmacist, physiotherapist and health fitness programmer as well as agricultural, biochemical, physiological and pharmacological researchers.
Since the time of inauguration, JASSO has played a leading role in obesity research internationally, especially in the areas of appetite regulation, role of autonomic nerves in the fat synthesis and decomposition, etiology and pathophysiology of obesity. JASSO is now in the forefront of molecular biology research related to obesity, and of clinical application thereof.
On the background of increased international academic and practical interests in obesity-related health problems, JASSO has defined the concept of simple obesity and that of morbid obesity, thereby attracting the international attention. As the result, "Guidelines for the management of obesity disease 2006 " and "Criteria for obesity disease 2011" have been published.
Recent activities of JASSO are focused on the publicity and education of the general practitioner, allied health care professional and general public for understanding of obesity correctly, in addition to consolidating basic and clinical research on obesity-related problems.
Furthermore, the credential certification system has started in 2012 for the medical doctor and health care professional who specialize care of obesity-related health problems for the purpose of accomplishment of comprehensive treatment, prevention and management thereof as a team in the facilities.

Officers of JASSO

President Takashi KADOWAKI, MD, PhD The University of Tokyo
Executive Director Yoshihiro OGAWA, MD. PhD Kyushu University
Wataru OGAWA, MD, PhD Kobe University
Iichiro SHIMOMURA, MD, PhD Osaka University
Masamitsu NAKAZATO, MD, PhD University of Miyazaki
Tadashi NAKAMURA, MD, PhD Kawasaki Hospital, Kobe
Toshihiko YADA, PhD Jichi Medical University
Koutaro YOKOTE, MD, PhD Chiba University
Director Hiroshi ITOH Keio University
Tetsuya KAKUMA, MD, PhD Oita University
Teruo KAWADA, PhD Kyoto University
Kiyoji TANAKA, PhD University of Tsukuba
Kazuyo TSUSHITA, MD, PhD Aichi Health Plaza, Comprehensive Health Science Center
Kazuyuki TOBE, MD, PhD University of Toyama
Midori NOGUCHI, RN Osaka University
Keiichi HANAKI, MD, PhD Tottori Universit
Hiroaki MASUZAKI, MD, PhD University of the Ryukyus
Yasuhiko MINOKOSHI, MD, PhD National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Toshimasa YAMAUCHI, MD, PhD The University of Tokyo
Masanobu YAMADA, MD, PhD Gunma University
Controller Hideki KATAGIRI, MD, PhD Tohoku University
Hiroshi MAEGAWA, MD, PhD Shiga University


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